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All roads narrate the past, but they also reveal the future.
They allow us to retrace the past events that make up our history, but they also help to indicate the route we will travel in the future, through current times, and the present life that we have constructed and achieved.
This is the aim of our project called “Paths to Record History”. With the creation of cycling paths that follow an itinerary around the municipal area of Porto Tolle, we hope to combine the pleasure of cycling with the discovery of the historical events that have defined our territory. We wanted to underline the ability of the population to improve its living conditions, focussing on local resources and on new generations, investing on farming and fishing on an industrial scale. Porto Tolle has also decided to invest in its tourism resources by narrating its history, primarily by involving the local population, recalling the great struggles overcome in the past and focussing on the endless potential that lies in this territory: a land that is hard to sustain and to inhabit, but which, for this very reason, is also especially remarkable. Tourists are invited to share the experience of the Po Delta with the local inhabitants, with the intent and desire to explore and immerse themselves in these endless landscapes: to discover the evolution of this territory and the potential that it contains, while enjoying its striking beauty.

Michela Ferrarese
Municipal Councillor for Tourism, Porto Tolle